Friday, March 20, 2009

Correction - Hyper

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto - Hyper magazine p.22 states that the first game had a lot of controversy and offered to give a discount if a speeding ticket was provided when purchasing the game.

If you read the previous posts, there was little, if any, controversy for the first GTA games. I also cannot remember any such promotion from the game's publishers (DMA) or find any history of it. As far as the promotion goes, the closest marketing I can remember being similar to this was one of Acclaim's publicity stunts, where they offered to pay any speeding fine issued on the day Burnout 2 was released. I have no idea if they ever did pay any of the fines they were undoubtedly encouraging, or if they even could; but it garnered press that no amount advertising could ever cover.

I say one of Acclaim's marketing promotions as this stunt pales in comparison to the "Officially name your baby Turok for a year" and I'm sure there was one with a tattoo...

UPDATE: Finally heard back from Rockstar and they have no recollection of such a marketing campaign.

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