Saturday, April 23, 2011

More game journalism bizarreness...

I regularly catch up with Kotaku, mainly as it is actually centred around Australia. I caught this the other day though and it kinda got under my skin:

The article (here) states that:
"Just because they’re [Xbox360 and PS3] getting a little long in the tooth, though, doesn’t make them slouches in the graphics department."

I mean what is that actually compared to? What or where is this mecca that these real-time processed graphical slouches are measuring up to? Who would be able to utilise more graphical processing power? Are games currently being held back by their ability to push pixels? Where are the screens going to come from that can display a higher resolution?

Do we actually play games now or just sit in front of our TVs with a magnifying glass counting pixels?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New game being published on the iPhone

Just for a change and a break; have spent the last couple of months developing a game for the iPhone.

It pretty much encapsulates something I have been wondering about; is it quicker to develop games now with all the tools and computing power available than it did, say, in 1983?

So I gave it a lot of thought about what kind of game was restricted by its original interface and would be suited to a touch panel and was one that I was quite fond of. Also, given the feedback from the Sky Ranger remake, one that other people were quite fond of too. A game that was originally published in, say, 1983.

I'll update with further details once the game is published on the App Store. Would hate to build it up and then have it refused...